Other Membership Options

FROM $89 - $179 A MONTH

In addition to private and semi-private offices, we offer several packages to accommodate your needs:

Available 8 am - 6 pm

Fully furnished work areas

Conference room hours available


Community Desk                   $179/month 



8 hours per month (2 hours per week) of Large       Conference Room Time. With this package you'll have the ability to schedule consistent blocks of time (i.e. Every Tuesday 7-9 pm)

Perfect for:

  • Small group meetings

  • Community organizations

  • Home-based business parties

Day Pass                                   $35/day Or, purchase 5 Days for $100

Large Conference Room        $30/hour  or
(Non-member rate)                   $100/half day (4 hours)
                                                    $160/full day (up to 9 hours)



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Amy Travis, Founder/Owner

Connie Geier, Owner 

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