You Can Visit, but You Can't Live There

About this time every year I dream of living in a warmer climate. I would be very content living in 70-degree-and-sunny weather surrounded by palm trees all year round. But I'm not talking about my desire to move to south, I'm talking about my book about resiliency.

I had the great privilege this week of being interviewed by Tracey Morgan of WISR about this book, my new business venture, Catalyst Co-working, and the work our non-profit group FUSION Leadership is involved with in Sub-Saharan Africa. Please tune in Monday, December 23 at 12:45 to hear our conversation about these topics and more:

"You Can Visit, but You Can't Live There: Keys to Living Free from Fear, Anxiety, and Guilt." was released this past February. If there’s one characteristic that could guarantee that we would excel in this life, it would be RESILIENCE. Resiliency is defined by Webster as “the ability to become strong, healthy, or successful again after something bad happens.” This trait is often credited with guarding against depression and anxiety and can enable one to overcome trauma and grief even in extreme circumstances. This ability is not limited by one’s age, race, or social status. (Available on Amazon)


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