Step 2: Agree to Member Guidelines

House Rules and Co-Working Guidelines

As a courtesy to other members…

  • Please do not use the lobby area to conduct business or make long phone calls. Utilize the conference room, meeting rooms or patio area for business meetings, extended discussions, and phone calls.

  • Keep work areas neat and clutter-free; clean up after yourself in the kitchen area.

  • Wear business casual attire (required for both members and guests) during the work hours of 8 am to 6 pm. No shorts or flip flops permitted during work hours.

  • In order to maintain a healthy, professional atmosphere, noise and odors should to held to a minimum. No activities or practices that require excessive noise or strong odors (i.e. burning incense or running a sewing machine) can be permitted during work hours.

  • Do not tape or hang anything on the doors or walls without consent from management.

  • Keys and key-cards are to be used only by members. Do not lend keys to non-members to gain access to the premises. Member is not permitted to transfer his/her membership to another party.

  • Guests may attend a meeting up to 2 hours one time a week for without paying for a day-pass. Any guests staying on-site longer than two hours or visiting more than once week will be required to purchase a day-pass after exceeding the 2-hour, once a week threshold.

  • You are responsible for your guests while they are on the premises.

  • Members must assume responsibility for their possessions brought in or stored on-site. Catalyst Co-working, LLC cannot be held liable for theft or damage, except when gross negligence was committed on the company’s part.

  • Smoking is not permitted in the building or near the front entrance. Members may step out on the back balcony if they wish to smoke.

  • Dogs and other pets may not be brought onto the premises without the expressed consent of management. Service animals are the exception.

  • Any pictures taken while working at Catalyst Co-working LLC may be used on the website or for promotional purposes unless you inform us in writing that you do not give your consent.

  • Catalyst Co-working, LLC maintains the right to remove any member who does not display a commitment to maintaining a professional environment or conducts business that is illegal or acts in poor taste.

Agree to Member Guidelines
I agree to abide by the member guidelines for Catalyst Co-working

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