The concept for Catalyst  Co-working came from experiencing the isolation of working from home, and the frustration of working out of coffee shops and cafes. I found those environments to be either too loud or too quiet; too much activity or too little. I looked into other co-working offices, but they were located in the city where rush-hour traffic is a challenge and off-site parking is expensive and inconvenient.

Meet Amy

I was leary of signing long-term agreements and being trapped into extra hidden fees. I didn't have the time or energy to hassle with pushy salespeople or pricing gimmicks. Since Catalyst is privately owned and operated, we are able to offer flexibility that isn't available when renting a commercial space or leasing an office through  a corporate company. We present you with clear options so that you can decide.

At Catalyst Co-Working, LLC we work hard to provide a conducive environment for, well... working hard! We understand that you need a professional, comfortable, and affordable place to do your best work. Our convenient location directly off of Route 8 in Gibsonia, PA has plenty of free parking and easy access to restaurants and shopping. 

As a new enterprise ourselves, I invite you to come grow your business with us.

- Amy Travis
  Founder, Catalyst Co-working, LLC

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Amy Travis, Founder/Owner

Connie Geier, Owner 

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